Barbara Slate creates novel

731 Comics artist Barbara Slate maintains you, also, can produce graphic books! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Barbara Slate, comic book artist, graphic novelist, You May Do a Graphic Book, Getting Married and Other Truth About


Mr. Media is recorded live in front of a studio audience of teens whose sole apparent ability is spray painting the weapon when his back is turned… right here from the NEW new media capital of the planet… St. Petersburg, Florida!

You can purchase Barbara Slate’s publication You Can Do a Graphic Book from by clicking the book cover above

Scooby-Doo by Barbara Slate

No increased power than Marvel Comics’ own Stan Lee asks that you never read Barbara Slate’s new publication, You May Do a Graphic Book.

It’s right there on the cover: Stan the Man says, “I shudder at the idea of having to compete with a whole new gaggle of film book founders! I shake because if everyone can bring out the author and artist hidden within society’s somnambulant mind, it is the titanically. So please don’t read this novel. I have a family to support!”

I hate to cancel the expresses fantasies of the guy who put the “excel” in “Excelsior!” But if you’ve ever believed about dabbling in the world of picture books and need a little assistance getting started, Barbara Slate may be the right poker for you.

BARBARA SLATE audio excerpt: “A good story requires a beginning, middle and a spin. The spin is your surprise and what makes it intriguing. You don’t need a linear story.”

Order ‘Getting Truth’ by Barbara Slate by by clicking on the publication cover above!

Veronica by Barbara Slate

Slate is a veteran of comic books and illustration, having launched her career with a line of “Ms. Liz” greeting cards along with Cosmopolitan cartoons before graduating into comic novels. She’s worked for DC and Marvel, with exemplified everything out of Barbie for Marvel, Beauty & the Beast for Disney and Betty & Veronica for Archie Comics. She’s also the author of the Yuppies in Hell Set of film books.

Speaking of “out of hell,” she’s a fellow parent of a teen-age daughter. Poor girl!


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