Book reivew: Got information “Overload”?

  • "Overload" by Bob Schieffer Photo: Sb / Courtesy Photo

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“Overload” by Bob Schieffer

“Overload” by Bob Schieffer

Photo: Sb / Courtesy Photo

Book reivew: Got news “Overload”?


Texan Bob Schieffer’s new book on social media and news, “Overload,” is subtitled “Finding the Truth in Today’s Deluge of News.”

Finding the truth, so, is getting more difficult as news coverage becomes more fragmented and as everybody joins from the clinic through social media with motives.

Schieffer’s views on the overpowering shift is equally precious.

His decades of expertise, his strategy and also his clear-eyed lifts him into the Walter Cronkite, his CBS News colleague’s realm.

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Schieffer and H. Andrew Schwartz, Center for Strategic and International Studies chief communications officer, also conducted interviews with this book throughout the country with leaders of both emerging and traditional news organizations, bringing in new ways because of technological improvements.

“Overload” explores several key findings:

Americans are “overwhelmed” by the expanding plethora of news. “They cannot process it.”

“good news” is printed purposefully for profit and political gain, threatening democracies.

U.S. polling, once unexpectedly precise, now has been missing the mark because of the shift from landlines to mobile telephones. A change in methodology is necessary.

National news organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post are still create journalism that is vital about important problems. However, the shift in advertisements to media sites and online search engines from papers is closing local newspapers. The closing of Texas papers has resulted in a nonprofit small business model of humor, represented with the Texas Tribune.

Even the U.S. political and electoral system has become too messy. People with leadership abilities because of negative advertisements and the growth of extremism by gerrymandering, forged. The center road of politics has been gutted. All honour in holding workplace has vanished. The media needs to explain that better.

The book also touches on journalism is shifting as they rely on sources that emphasize audio and visual appeal over information that is confirmed.

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By Bob Schieffer using H. Andrew Schwartz

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Schieffer, known chiefly as the longtime sponsor for CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation,” wrote a lot of this book. Schwartz donated Internet-only, news sites, podcasts and online newsletters, or chapters on digital-only.

Walter Cronkite reported the citizens were the individuals who obtained their news from a variety of sources: news weeklies, television, radio, newspapers and publications.

The change now is that people must be careful about what they anticipate as accurate and fair. They need to understand what drives and finances the content. It’s not ethics and precision.

It’s come down to this: It requires a book like “Overload” to explain to news consumers what they’re confronted with at a world exploding with information, some true, some untrue.


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