Deep: A Masterson Publication Book 2

Concerning Deep: A Masterson Novel Book Two

Everybody in the small town of Prescott understands who Aaron Masterson is. He is the guy who’d the sx tape that got out. It had been the most humiliating experience of his own life, one that prompted him to switch colleges and leave town for 3 years before he returned a radically changed person.
The guy responsible for this hurt is Vance Chastain. A closet case flash-in-the-pan one-hit-wonder who went on to make one catchy tune before he disappeared forever. In other words, before he yields to Prescott to throw Aaron’s life into chaos once again, just as Aaron is about to make one of the greatest career moves of his life.

Vance Chastain leads a charmed life. Or at least he did. College was a breeze, his company degree was just for display. What he desired was a singer, and that, too, dropped in his lap one day. His career was brilliant, and promising, for about two years. Then, one day it all fell apart.
Now he has come back to lick his wounds and work out how to get back the life he nearly had. And while he is off the radar, then he might also indulge his occasional taste for a short-term thing with a guy. One who is gorgeous, and fantastic in bed, and precisely Vance’s flavor–and, in, the guy he is most hurt from the planet, rather by accident.

Will the two guys get past the hurt and gaps of the past and admit to each other that what they both ran off from, is exactly what they want — every other?

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Writer Bio:
Avery Ford is the bestselling author of Gay romance.


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