FAR AWAY HOME, an Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn’s Story — Book 1 by Susan Denning

About FAR AWAY HOME, an Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn’s Story — Book 1 by Susan Denning

Read FAR AWAY HOME, a four-year Amazon bestseller in the historical and western categories, in its own Improved Edition with a bonus introduction to the recently released movie, EMBRACE THE WIND.
At post-Civil War New York City, ” sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy can’t find a job, she does not have any place to call home and no family to assist her. Some might think that this is an issue; Aislynn considers it is a chance, but she’s a great deal to learn. No formulaic romance, this well-researched love story depicting life as it truly was for the thousands of women who travelled west reaching to get a new lifestyle. Aislynn’s journey begins in a nyc tenement and leads her over the frontier to some Utah mining camp where she has to deal with all the three very different guys in her lifetime: intelligent, solicitous Tim, good-natured, good-guy Johnny and the extreme but fascinating Liam Moran. Life in the roughshod camp brings small joys and devastating losses. The book races through authentic experiences involving ancient events before it participates in an unexpected ending. In today’s troubled world, Far Away Home will make you feel no matter how many challenges fate sends your strategy, the human spirit can triumph.

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Writer Bio:
In 2011, I published the book FAR AWAY HOME to a young woman who left New York City in 1868 to start a new life in Utah. Up to this moment, the majority of my writing focused on specialist journals and texts. As soon as I ventured into fiction, I wrote short stories. One narrative received honorable mention in a NOW short story competition and was published in Deadly Woman.
The novel FAR AWAY HOME began as a chapter to get a school history book. I conducted my study at the American west for 3 years; I even drove a covered wagon (check out the Youtube movie on the FAR AWAY HOME page in www.susandenningauthor.com). When the history book project circulated, I used my own research to write an historical book.
As a self-published, unknown author, I never imagined anyone would examine FAR AWAY HOME. But tens of thousands of readers did. For four decades, it ranked among the Top 100 at the Historical- US and Romance Western classes. To my great surprise, many readers requested the next chapter of this narrative. At EMBRACE THE WIND, Aislynn’s travel continues.


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