First SciFi Book ever: A century AD book written in Ancient Rome

Some assert that the science fiction novel is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. But what falls under science fiction could be troublesome. Christopher McKitterick states that in the strict etymological sense, it is literature about scientific discovery or technological shift, but then asserts that this definition misses the mark; instead Mckiterrick believes “SF is about how we’ve changed, how external shift affects us, how things we do change the world about us, and how we’ll continue to change over time.” What about works of fiction composed in separate from natural philosophy, a period when science wasn’t actually considered a field, or even research of spiritual truth, etc? Based on how you class what constitutes science fiction, Lucian of Samosata’s “True Stories” might be the first science fiction novel. The figures venture to distant realms including the moon, sunlight, and planets and islands. The star protagonist has been Lucian himself that happens to stumble upon aliens in the moon and also finds herself.

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