Insulin and Blood: A Seven Stars Novel (The Shadow Trilogy Book 1) by Dayne Edmondson

About Blood and Shadows: A Seven Stars Novel (The Shadow Trilogy Book 1) by Dayne Edmondson:

They came in the shadows. They came to destroy humanity.

Twenty decades back, bloodthirsty assassins turned into an innocent girl into a creature. Most of her humanity expired. She fell into darkness.Now she steps in the shadows. Now she destroys the lighting. Now she brings the rise of this assassin king.

Dawyn Darklance was thrust into war. After mysteriously coming on Tar Ebon he combined the Kingdom of Tar Ebon’s army. Dawyn rose to the position of commander of the king’s guard and has been chosen to discover and destroy the assassin king.Against the assassin onslaught, Tar Ebon stands alone. But Dawyn and his allies, even a druid, mage and bard, will fight. They will rise. They will win, or else they will perish.

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Writer Bio:
Dayne Edmondson is a science fiction and fantasy author. He resides with 2 kids and his wife in Michigan.

Dayne enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, watching television and movies, playing with his kids, spending some time with his wife, walking, biking and more.Some of Dayne’s favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Elizabeth Haydon, Brandon Sanderson, Richard Fox, Chris Fox, L.E. Modesitt Jr. and much more.

Dayne first started writing dream at age fifteen when he found the worlds which fantasy novels could inspire him. Since then, he has read countless fantasy and science fiction books by the likes of Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Haydon, Peter F. Hamilton, George R.R. Martin and several more. He has earned a bachelor of business management from CTU, written a fantasy book, obtained his customs broker permit and began a publishing business.


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