Kass Morgan teases her upcoming ‘The 100’ novel ‘Rebellion’ (with giveaway)

Kass Morgan is gearing up for that book of the next (and ultimate?) The 100 book Revolt, and we’ve two clones to provide away!

Hypable’s had the chance to talk to writer Kass Morgan about her The 100 guide sequence, particularly the approaching next payment Revolt.

The entire audio meeting includes many spoilers for that future guide, therefore we’ll be delivering that on Hypable.com and iTunes supply on November 6, that will be once the book strikes shops.

For the time being, you want to provide you with a small survey of the meeting, and provide two visitors the opportunity to obtain hands-on a duplicate of RevoltThe giveaway are available below the meeting, and it is permitted citizens of Canada and U.S..

Stay tuned in for that complete meeting, by which Morgan dives into a few of the thrilling piece improvements in Revolt. For the time being, here’s what she’s to express about becoming a writer along with a person in The 100 fandom.

What arrived the guide first or even the display? And that which was both tales being created nearly in the same time’s procedure?

Kass Morgan: Nicely, I acquired touching Metal, an innovative think tank that pops up with truly enjoyable, high concept suggestions for publications; they certainly were behind Gossipgirl and The Vampire Diaries. They contacted me by having an strategy to get a guide about 100 children which are delivered from the space-station right down to re-colonize Planet, plus they requested me if that could be anything I’d be thinking about, and that I stated, ‘Yes, yes it’s!’ plus they offered me so much independence in the future up using the figures and also the globe.

Round the period I finished the very first guide, we discovered The CW was in making it a TV program interested. They discovered an excellent author and showrunner, and had commissioned a pilot, therefore the display occurred actually rapidly next, which really was thrilling although the guide was there first. And we kind of created them similar to one another, therefore there wasn’t a lot of cooperation, that we believe is very good since it permitted us to create options in ways that is most effective our mediums for each.

Display and the guide fandoms type of overlap, and that I envision you’re contacted with a large amount of display followers, also. So does that function, attempting to develop a fandom inside a fandom?

Figuring that! Publications and the display are therefore various, it’s difficult to keep in touch with everybody in ways that seems sincere and helpful. Within the books, you may already know, Clarke is courting Bellamy canon for that books and right. Since that’s the truth for my figures, although it’s therefore delicate due to what’s happening within the display and I occasionally discuss that.

And that I simply adore that queer was created by them; I believed which was an excellent choice that is creative, it had been an excellent choice that is governmental, and that I believe it had been therefore essential when it comes to illustration. But where I do want to discuss my publications which globe therefore I’m kind of captured within this uncomfortable location occasionally I understand it’s therefore delicate for those who take offense with Bellamy, however it rubs people the manner. I attempt to do my better to talk, but it’s a challenge… but about the other-hand, it’s so humbling and therefore complementary and uplifting to determine how spent individuals are nowadays. And so I attempt to keep in mind that it doesn’t precisely obtain the party also after I declare anything it was needed by me to.

There’s a brand new personality in who’s that is ‘Rebellion’ referred to as proficient and truly wise at science… is there only a little touch of Raven inside?

Well it really wasn’t anything who understands, although I considered? Though really, some followers of the guide possess a concept that Raven were centered on [ guide figures that are ] Lenny and Glass, who aren’t within the display, so Raven may be the engineer, however the show turned them is her sweetheart. I don’t understand if which was on simply a chance or purpose, but when it’s, I believed which was really a awesome method to switch issues around.

Rebellion The 100

The display and publications began in the same location but have branched down in totally individual instructions, therefore if at any stage you or even the display desired to expose a or tale component in the additional edition of ‘The 100,’ might that occur, or is the fact that not something?

I I’m nearly certain how that will function, and don’t know… I believe there would need to be some conversations. So yes, when individuals are angry that I don’t have Lexa within the books she doesn’t occur in she’s and my globe not my personality to perform with.

Since I’m sure lots of visitors like myself are uncertain by what precisely the guidelines are… as well as since your publications possess the television show figures about the address but that’s very important to explain!

Yes, they are doing. It’s really perplexing! [laughs] .

However now that people understand Finn is Glass much more feeling is made by it.

Complete feeling.

Inside your tale, Clarke and Bellamy is actually the pair, however in this guide particularly they are doing possess a large amount of problems, and they’re nevertheless needing to become familiar with one another. It’s a relationship that is very nuanced.

I’m happy you believe therefore, that’s absolutely what we attempted to complete. And specifically for figures of the era; any teen will develop and alter a lot within the span of annually, after which envision if you’re heading through what these personality are getting through, they’re gonna develop much faster and alter much more, and it’s usually involved what sort of connection could be suffering from that. And there has been items that have introduced them nearer together and items that have pressed Clarke aside.

Have you been in a position to separate the manner in which your figures are visualized by you in the stars who perform them within the display?

Since Eliza Taylor appears the same as Clarke in my own mind It’s fascinating, and Octavia is likewise looked the same as by Avgeropoulos. However for others, they are somewhat distinct, although the casting for that display is outstanding, I kind of possess a book- Bellamy -Wells [in my own mind]. But I love having my creativity being run around in by Eliza as Clarke.

Is? Might there be considered a guide # 5?

It’s absolutely the finish for the time being, but that’s what I considered Homecoming, also. It surely depends upon how it’s obtained of course if there’s an [ for ]. There absolutely might be a different one in the future if individuals are thrilled to invest additional time nowadays with one of these figures in guide type. But it’s not at all anything we’re referring to however.

But I actually do prefer to finish it in ways that sets the following one up. Revolt leads to what I really hope to be always a really gratifying method, having a specific picture, however it will be starts it-up to some complete fresh journey if that’s the next phase.

Check back again to Hypable and for that complete audio meeting with Kass Morgan, where she shows her beloved figures, her determination to get a large change up within the new book, her ideas on Bellamy within the publications vs. the display, plus much more. The meeting arrives about the releasedate for Revolt, that will be Dec 6!

Enter the giveaway for just one of two clones of Revolt under! the champions are selected by We’ll December 4, on Sunday.

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