News: Book a sunbed that is personalised with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has announced the launch of a new service which allows customers to select their sunbed until they leave home.

After the successful launch of an identical area selecting service past summer, Choose Your Favourite Sunbed is a portion of the travel company’s wider dedication to commemorate today’s package vacation — for a price.

The new initiative is being trialled in three Thomas Cook own-brand resorts from the end of February and will soon be accessible in 30 own-brand resorts for summer 2018.

It’s the very first service of its type to be provided by means of a package holiday business in the UK and takes customers’ capacity to ‘unpack’ and personalise their package vacation to some other level.

Choose Your Favourite Sunbed allows couples and families to pre-book sunbeds within their favorite place, helping them remain together, invest more time in their preferred actions, then returning into the pool when it suits them, secure in the knowledge their beds are awaiting.

Customers will receive an email six days prior to departure asking if they would like to choose their sunbed in advance.

They will be able to select their favorite location in the pool-plan based on their personal tastes; while some households may wish to secure their perfect location by the kids’ pool, others may prefer to maintain a more secluded, relaxed place.

The plans will incorporate a compass so customers know what time of their day they may enjoy the sun and shade.

However, people who do not wish to reserve need not worry.

Only a percentage, somewhere between ten and 20 percent of a hotel’s sunbeds would be bookable to make sure there continue to be enough for people who don’t wish to take up the ceremony.

Chris Mottershead, Thomas Cook UK managing director, explained: “Conventional package holidays are a thing of the past.

“Holidaymakers today need to personalise their bundle, mixing and matching the elements which best fit their needs and way of life.

Choose Your Favourite Sunbed will cost $25 per sunbed each stay.


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