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About Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Book, by Mira Tudor:

PAL is a fast nonetheless poignant character-driven book fighting waves of romanticism, drama, and wit in a way reminiscent in areas of David Nicholls’s novels (One Day)–and place in the exciting world of several vibrant Romanian musicians and artists.

Henriette, an accomplished sculptor, looks to find more joy within her piano playing along with her work . Ela, publication reviewer was turned by a piano teacher, hopes to find the secret to a life and happiness through analyzing the workings of their mind and crafting poems about feelings she hopes will direct her into a location that is better. Combining them in blindness and beauty would be a violinist who resides for the second and his yearly celebrations and dabbles as a singer, Pamfil. As they follow their own passions, they are really slow to determine how to best tackle their predicaments, and discover themselves journeys to joy and love. Luckily, their lovers and friends are all there to help … but then a newcomer complicates things.

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Author Bio:
Mira Tudor believes in love, friends, long walks, along with a continuously adapted pursuit of significance. She retains an American BA in literature. She has also studied art history. After publishing, and among flash fiction, poetry and other things, and working in these fields and more, she’s currently devoting her energies to crafting novels with compelling stories and characters.


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