Political Correctness as Explained by George Carlin [Video] — Chiang Rai Times English News Paper


Political correctness has become, in my humble view, among the most serious psychological disorders in the background of mankind.   Now, because of a assortment of butt-hurt individuals and groups that are offended by everything under sunlight, our society has been fraught with PC BS.

Yes, there are a few things which are obviously hurtful and made to demean, but common sense tells one where the traces are drawn.  Weâ$™ve taken political correctness into off-the-chart levels of stupid over the previous twenty decades.

While George Carlin and I discuss some viewpoints and therefore are miles apart on others, here, because only he could, he explains why the liberal PC crowd is wrong.   That is a excerpt from his music publication â$œWhen Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chopsâ$.

Side note: Carlin was a disk jockey and spent a period in KSYD 990 AM in Wichita Falls.

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