Return to Sender: A Civil War Time Travel Novel (Dyna-Tyme Genetics Book 1).

About Return to Sender: A Civil War Time Travel Publication (Dyna-Tyme Genetics Book 1):

CEO of Dyna-Tyme Genetics, Rumfeld Dixon, is convinced that the USA is on a destructive path of action. Together with policies fueled by greed and conclusions that are corrupt, he sees no hope for economic recovery in the near future.
Fortunately, Dyna-Tyme Genetics has established a unique technique to send a spine in time.

Carleton Venable ties into the Civil War make him the perfect candidate make changes that will influence the results of the war and then transform the American method of life and to visit 1862. Even knowing he should not get trapped up in the scheme to alter the results of events that are past of Rummy, his daddy’s gambling has put the family farm at peril. In any case, his fascination with time travel was too enticing to pass this up once.

A simple shooter and some intensive training is all it takes to send him back. Arriving securely, events begin to transpire as intended… for a little while. It is only then that things begin to go wrong… terribly wrong!

Will he be able to save the American method of life that he loves from the current… in the past?

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Author Bio:
FRED H. HOLMES was born and raised on a small dairy farm in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York. After attending college and majoring in chemistry Fred turned into a cash register salesman and was moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Fred immediately adapted to southern manners and fell in love. His firm moved him this time, into the home office . From the early seventies he discovered himself in Dallas Texas being swept off his feet by the Texas charm and attractiveness of his soon to be wife, Mary and a part of a retail and wholesale dart business. Fred was an avid reader and also a passion for writing combined with a lack of instructional books on the flourishing game of darts prompted him to write three books .


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