Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel

My Debut Fantasy Novel

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After Amanda Garrett stumbles across a strange artifact in the woods, ” she has no notion. The teen soon discovers that she has released an imprisoned jinni, Erol, and also whether she likes it or not, they’re bound together until death. Amanda’s life starts to spiral out of control and she finds herself orphaned, kidnapped, and throw into a chilling reality. Her captor is convinced he Erol understands the whereabouts of a potent relic which has been concealed from him and he needs the set. Still reeling from her loss, also hoping to be spared annoyance, Amanda agrees. As the couple set off in their travel and Amanda learns more about the existence of the realms and the beings which reside within them, the better it becomes that nothing is as it appears. After Amanda discovers the power of the relic that her captor hunts, the one thing she knows for sure is that her authentic distress has only just begun, since however good the sacrifice, she could never allow the relic to fall into her captor’s hands. Rise is a publication to an alternate universe where mundane humans are unaware of the existence of the realms which distinguish them from other magical races. If she feels, the darkness closing in about her, Amanda is not certain if she can hold on a speck of light, and she has to understand that some secrets are better left buried. (YA Dark Fantasy) (Alternate Reality)(Djinn, Jinn, Genie)


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