Sweet Reunion (A Hope Falls Book Book 1), by Melanie Shawn

Dealing with the hassle of losing her precious Dad is the toughest thing that and it comes with a great deal of complications, as well – like taking on the family company. It makes her overlook the ease of being a teen, when she had been surrounded The Fabulous Four, by her friends, and she had been madly in love with her Dad’s right hand guy. His hot smiles and deep brown eyes had left her heart race at ways she’s never felt before or since. As soon as the Fabulous Four appear on her doorstep to support her during this time, things seem to be looking up for Amanda. But that’s only one surprise visit in store for her…Justin Barnes left Hope Falls ten years ago, at the dead of the night, and did not believe he’d ever set foot. Except for one little disadvantage: Amanda Jacobs this was fine with him. He’d fallen in love with sparkling sapphire eyes and her blond curls, but she had been a teen then, five years younger than he – too young for him to act on his fascination. He’d missed her every single day of those ten years. He knows he has to come back to Hope Falls, when Justin receives a telephone call that his mentor has passed off. Justin has a question – how would the woman that once adored him have grown? Or will she still be the only thing? Writer’s Note: Each Hope Falls full scale publication can be read as a  stand-alone


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