The Lost Soul: Paranormal Angel Romance (A Death’s Touch Novel Book 1) from Angeline Yates

About The Lost Soul: Paranormal Angel Romance (A Death’s Touch Book Book 1) by Angeline Yates:

The second after she was born, Margaret Conner was destined to expire. The infant reaches out and touches the mystic form perched above her with her hovering on. Immediately, there is a bond made between them. His emptiness that is cold is invaded by her mild, and she is entered by a thread of his shadow. She is the only living human who can see him and eventually, she is the person who will fill that hollow in his spirit. He knows he can’t, although every day the impulse for him to get her again grows and gets more powerful. If he does, he runs the risk of her dying — forever! As she grows, shielding her since she hadn’t been issued one, assuming the function of a Guardian Angel, therefore, Caius quietly watches over her. After a episode, veils are made over Margaret’s eyes causing her not to see him while he’s arranged to stay nonetheless with the years that pass by along with his absence, her soul still calls for him.

Writer Bio:
Angeline Yates is printed journalist and has more than five decades of professional writing. She considers herself not just an author but a wordsmith.

She is silent by nature, a creative writer by night a writer by day, and a ice cream addict on Sundays.

She is a nature lover. The majority of her inspiration comes from her environment. Her enthusiasm for writing was motivated by her late grandmother, a veteran English teacher, who instilled in her the knowledge that voice were not to be taken lightly and wielded power along with their influence.

Fantasy books are her genre, since she thinks that individuals will always need a door to see the world in a different light, to envision the impossible and realize that perhaps, it isn’t.


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