Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer Actress Voicing Tie-In Novel Audio Book

With the long-awaited return of only a couple of months away, a whole range of ancillary goods have recently begun appearing. The series’s co-creator Mark Frost recently released a novelization of the Whole saga, before during and after the series, called The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel. Showtime, meanwhile, has now produced the initial two seasons available for streaming, also recently re-released the original preview of the 1992 film, ahead of its availability on Showtime next month.

The resurgent Twin Peaks mania has also contributed to some revisiting of old side jobs from the initial Twin Peaks era. And among these, obviously, is the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, the legendarily dark and smutty tie-in book penned by co-creator David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, at 1990.

Audible announced that this May, it is going to release a unique audiobook edition of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, together with Laura given by the actress that played her back at the original series and film, Sheryl Lee. The book is available for pre-order now.

Twin Peaks Laura Palmer Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer Actress Voicing Tie In Novel Audio Book

The Secret Diary, adapted from Laura’s diary that functioned as a plot point in the very first season of the series, since the diary supposedly held clues as to who had killed the homecoming queen. The diary, which insured Laura’s life from age 12 for her death at age 17, is intensely dark and upsetting, depicting graphic sex, drug use, and sexual abuse by several men, including the demonic possesser Killer Bob; the book even had crucial pages “ripped out.” Jennifer Lynch, who was 22 at the time of the novelization, was reported to be the only man apart from Frost and Lynch who knew the identity of Laura’s killer; she moved on to lead the controversial 1993 film   , that starred Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn.

Twin Peaks lovers will probably  flock to the audiobook — it was a touchstone of their youths of a good deal of Twin Peaks enthusiasts who had been a particular age in 1990 and remember it quite well.   Twin Peaks devotees are a loyal lot, who’ve done a great deal to keep the franchise alive over a substantial time period. I suspect many will jump at the chance to revisit the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, especially if it’s read by Laura herself.

Twin Peaks premieres on Sunday, May 21 on Showtime.  The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer could be pre-ordered now.

Source: Audible (via LAist)



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