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When you see phone numbers for the United Kingdom, you are going to see 020 in the front of these numbers. In the UK, this is representative of calling people that are in Greater London. If you have been to the United States, you have probably heard of area codes. These are the first three numbers in front of the seven digits that follow. The area code is designed to direct people to specific areas of the United States when they are making a phone call with their landline or their cell phone. The same is true in England when you are going to call someone in London. You have to use the facility of free phone number in the UK.

What If You Don’t Use 020?

In some circumstances, you might be able to only use the eight digit number that you are trying to call. This is typically if you are in the city itself. If you are not, then the call will simply not go through because the phone system will not know where you are trying to reach. Unless the eight digits of that phone number correspond to something in your local area, it’s not going to go anywhere at all. Therefore you have to use the 020 in order to make a direct call to people that are not just in the greater London area, but just on the outskirts as well.

Will This Always Be The Way We Call People In Greater London?

This will likely be the way that people contact greater London in the future. It is something that is work for many years. It is unlikely to change unless there is a dramatic shift in the population of the United Kingdom. If they decide to add or change different areas, modifying the numbers that are used, the 020 designation may change. Until that happens, is the way it has to be if you want to contact somebody that is in London today and you can visit online to get more knowledge about 020 numbers.


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