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Increase for White Gold

‘The style is reflective of this thrillers of Robert Ludlum… that a heart-pumping page-turning thriller.’ Goodreads

A haunted person. A murdered friend. A mortal enemy.

Dan Taylor was a bomb disposal expert in the British Army until an IED left him scarred for life and also killed three of his group. On the brink of self-destruction, Dan is not able to cope.

Until the afternoon an eldest friend leaves a voicemail message for him, moments before he’s assassinated in cold blood flow.

Plunged to a worldwide conspiracy, Dan must unravel time is running out — and the study notes that Peter Edgewater left behind to locate an explosive device that’s being smuggled towards London by a secretive organisation hell-bent on protecting its assets.

White Gold is the very first publication in an action packed adventure thriller series  which fans of Vince Flynn, Robert Ludlum and the Lee Child Jack Reacher series are now predicting “a blast!”


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